Ceramic Infra-red Heaters

Ceramic Infra-Red Heater Elements

Ceramic infra-red heaters provide an efficient and controllable heat using a robust ceramic element with a temperature range from 300°C to 700°C.

These heaters are frequently used in catering equipment, food processing & foodservice, industrial process control, plastics manufacturing and heat sealing and test ovens. Long wave radiation curing, heating and drying is an environmentally friendly, portable and cost effective method of heating in infra-red ceramic heaters.

Wide range of shapes, sizes, wattages & elements available. Also available with aluminised steel reflectors for targeted heat to maximize the heat output and form a rigid, durable and safe framework. Where effective positional heat is required, the aluminised steel projector (PAS) forms an ideal mounting system for a wide range of infrared emitters.

Can also be supplied with thermocouples for accurate control.

For stock availability or to discuss a bespoke design project, contact our OEM design team on +44 (0)1483 669 070 or email sales@hawco.co.uk

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