Embraco Scroll Compressor R404A MBP 33.3CC Nominal Capacity 3567W (Valved)

Product Code: SE6015GS-OSV

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Multi-refrigerant (R404A, R134a, R452A and R449A) with a choice of 380-420V 50HZ and 460V 60Hz

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R404A | 380-420V or 460V | 50Hz or 60 Hz | MBP 

Embraco's range of scroll compressors offers an optimised, compact and lightweight design when compared to semihermetic solutions. Each model features a multirefrigerant platform (currently R404A, R134a, R452A and R449A) and combines reliability with efficiency.

The consolidated scroll design is robust and reliable with fewer moving parts than piston solutions. The scroll design also features internal overload protection and high pressure release valves. Connections are compatible with most popular scroll installations

These compressors offer excellent performance across a wide range of commercial applications, with a high efficiency motor and high COP performance and silent operation. 

SE Range

  • Optimised for medium temperature applications

  • High reliability in severe working conditions

  • Able to run at -30° C evaporating temperature without injection solutions

  • Application: MBP

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