Embraco Compressor R290 LBP 16.8CC Nominal Capacity 788W

Product Code: NEU2168U CSR AST

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R290 220-240V 50HZ LBP CSIR

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R290 220-240V 50HZ LBP CSIR

Embraco offer a comprehensive range of dependable hermetic compressors built in order to provide durability, high performance and low sound levels to OEM market applications such as water coolers, under-counter refrigeration, bottle coolers, commercial freezers and refrigerators, walk–in coolers, ice makers, vending machines, ice-cream dispensers, display cases and medical equipment.

EMT Features and Benefits

  • Small size platform
  • High energy efficiency
  • Reduced noise level Application: LBP. MBP, HBP
  • Developed for: Refrigerators, Freezers and Bottle Coolers.

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