Mechanical heat detectors from Fenwal Controls

We stock a full range of Detect-a-Fire heat detectors for industrial or offshore marine applications with activation temperatures between 60°C and 385°C.

Using a rate compensation method, Fenwal heat detectors precisely detect a rise in air temperature during both fast-rate and slow-rate fires, offering advantages over fixed-temperature or rate-of-rise devices. This makes the Detect-a-Fire range suitable for a diverse range of applications for the activation of overheat alarms and actuating fire suppression systems, including oil and gas facilities, food production facilites, service stations, commercial and public premises and fast food outlets.

Fenwal heat detectors can be customised to meet more demanding or hazardous conditions by providing ATEX-approved, explosion proof or weatherproof IP66-rated enclosures. They can also be provided with a double thread or extended wire length to achieve the optimal mounting position and a Flurocarbon protective coating can be applied for use in corrosive environments (like spray booths).

As a Fenwal Controls distributor for over 20 years, we can offer expert advice on the correct implementation of heat detectors into any application. For assistance, contact our technical experts on 01483 869 070 or email