We stock a wide range of digital temperature controllers for service replacement in commercial refrigeration and catering applications.

We also supply temperature controllers for OEM process applications, including PID controllers.

Carel - Digital Controllers

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LAE - Digital Controllers

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Eliwell - Digital Controllers

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Temperature Controllers for HVACR Service Engineers

Our most popular digital controllers for commercial refrigeration, cold rooms and catering applications are available to order for next-day delivery. We stock a wide range of digital controllers from Eliwell, Carel and LAE Electronic suitable for the control of refrigerated display cabinets, heated cupboards, bains-marie, ovens and laboratory equipment.

If you need assistance selecting the correct controller, contact our technical sales team on 01483 869 070 or email us at sales@hawco.co.uk

Temperature Controllers for OEMs

We supply temperature controllers and digital thermostats for industrial and commercial processes that require more rigorous and sophisticated temperature management.

We advise OEMs on temperature controllers with multiople programming features suitable for the effective control of temperatures from −100°C right up to 1600°C. This embraces heating and cooling applications as diverse as foodservice equipment, commercial refrigeration, laboratory equipment and test chambers, plastics, packaging and ovens and furnaces.

These multi-functional process controllers include PID heating & cooling digital controllers from West Control Solutions and Pixsys.

We can also provide 2 and 3 stage thermostats from LAE Electronic, Eliwell and Carel. For more details about the support we can offer OEMs, refer to our PID temperature controllers introduction