Great Value & High Performing R410A Single Splits

Hitachi offer three competitively-priced ranges of R410A air conditioning, with IVX wall mounts from 5 to 10 kW and IVX and Primairy cassettes spanning 5 to 14.5 kW.

The IVX range offers powerful heating and cooling performance with pipe runs up to 75 metres for easy installation. To ensure user comfort, features include customisable measurement for setpoint control, individual louvre control, extra high speed setting and an ecomotion sensor. The IVX cassette range also features two mini-cassettes measuring only 570 mm x 570mm.

For limited budgets, the Primairy range is a value system with basic features such as adjustable air flow and fan speed to optimise user comfort and an easy-to-clean washable cassette filter.

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