1. Service Wrench | Javac

    Service Wrench | Javac

    Product code: JAV-127-C

    3/8''-5/16'' x 1/4''-3/16'' SQ.
    Lead time 5-7 Days
  2. MINI TUBE CUTTER 1/8 - 5/8'' | Javac
  3. G2G-Bubble+ Leak Detector | Diversitech
  4. G2G-Care Evaporator Coil Cleaner and Disinfectant (1 litre) | Diversitech
  5. Diversitech Pro-Universal Coil Cleaner

    Pro-Universal Multi-Purpose Coil Cleaner (Concentrate 5 Litres) | Diversitech

    Product code: PRO-UNIVERSAL

    An NSF food-safe universal coil cleaner suitable for both indoor and outdoor units

    Includes a special inhibitor to prevent damage to delicate fins. Safe for use with condensate pumps

    Effective at breaking down soil and dirt. Combines degreaser, detergent and deodriser

    Non-foaming, non-corrosive and self-rinsing

    Dilute 10:1 for indoor units (makes 55 litres) or dilute 6:1 for outdoor units (makes 35 litres)

  6. G2G Pro-Universal HVAC Cleaner

    G2G Pro-Universal Multi-Purpose Coil Cleaner (1 litre) | Diversitech

    Product code: G2G-UNIVERSAL

    Universal indoor and outdoor coil cleaner for ongoing protection of coils

    NSF registered food safe registered

    1 litre pre-mixed trigger spray container. No dilution required

  8. G2G Coil+ Evaporator Coil Cleaner
  9. Pro-Universal Multi-Purpose Coil Cleaner - Powder (makes 8 litres)  | Diversitech
  10. Pro-Green+ Universal Coil Cleaner

    Pro-Green+ Universal Coil Cleaner (Concentrate 5 Litres) | Diversitech

    Product code: PRO-GREEN

    Universal coil cleaner from Diversitech made with enviromentally-friendly materials.

    Effective cleaning of condenser & evaporator coils without toxic or corrosive chemicals

    5 litre concentrate makes 35 litres for use with evaporator coils
    or 20 litres for use with condenser coils

  11. G2G Smell Buster Odour Elmination Spray (1 litre) | Diversitech
  12. G2G Condenser Coil Cleaner - Foam | Diversitech

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