1. HydroSprayer Manual Compression Sprayer
  2. Service Wrench | Javac

    Service Wrench | Javac

    Product code: JAV-127-C

    3/8''-5/16'' x 1/4''-3/16'' SQ.
    Lead time 5-7 Days
  3. MINI TUBE CUTTER 1/8 - 5/8'' | Javac
  4. RTU Bubble Up Leak Detector
  5. Bubble Up Leak Detector 12 x 400ml Aerosol
  6. G2G-Bubble+ Leak Detector | Diversitech
  7. RTU CC AC Condenser Cleaner

    RTU CC Condenser Cleaner (Ready Mix - 1 Litre) - Pack of 8 | Advanced Engineering

    Product code: RTU CC

    Use to remove common dirt and debris from air conditioning condensers

    Ready mixed for immediate use

    Ideal for use as part of a regular maintenance programme every six months or so

    Biodegradable formula

    Also available as packs of 4 x 5 litre or 1 x 20 litre bottles

  8. CodenCide

    Condencide Evaporator Coil Cleaner (5 litres) | Advanced Engineering

    Product code: CONDENCIDE

    Heavy duty coil cleaner - 5 litre. Makes up to 35 litres of evaporator cleaner when diluted
  9. G2G-Care Evaporator Coil Cleaner and Disinfectant (1 litre) | Diversitech
  10. CoolSafe Refrigeration Coil Cleaner

    CoolSafe Coil Cleaner - Refrigeration (Concentrate 5 Litres) | Advanced Engineering

    Product code: COOLSAFE 5L

    Evaporator and condenser coil cleaner & disinfectant

    For evaporator coils, dilute 1 litre of Coolsafe with 5 litres of water

    For air-cooled condensers, dilute 1 litre of Coolsafe with 3 litres of water

  11. Diversitech Pro-Universal Coil Cleaner

    Pro-Universal Multi-Purpose Coil Cleaner (Concentrate 5 Litres) | Diversitech

    Product code: PRO-UNIVERSAL

    An NSF food-safe universal coil cleaner suitable for both indoor and outdoor units

    Includes a special inhibitor to prevent damage to delicate fins. Safe for use with condensate pumps

    Effective at breaking down soil and dirt. Combines degreaser, detergent and deodriser

    Non-foaming, non-corrosive and self-rinsing

    Dilute 10:1 for indoor units (makes 55 litres) or dilute 6:1 for outdoor units (makes 35 litres)

  12. G2G Pro-Universal HVAC Cleaner

    G2G Pro-Universal Multi-Purpose Coil Cleaner (1 litre) | Diversitech

    Product code: G2G-UNIVERSAL

    Universal indoor and outdoor coil cleaner for ongoing protection of coils

    NSF registered food safe registered

    1 litre pre-mixed trigger spray container. No dilution required

  14. G2G Coil+ Evaporator Coil Cleaner
  15. GreaseGobbler Solvent Based Condenser Cleaner (400ml Aerosol) - Pack of 12 | Advanced Engineering

    GreaseGobbler Solvent Based Condenser Cleaner (400ml Aerosol) - Pack of 12 | Advanced Engineering

    Product code: GREASE GOBBLER

    Specialist formula for the cleaning of condensing unit coils in kitchen which attract grease

    A solvent based condenser cleaner that dissolves grease on contact

    No rinsing required. Non-flammable and non-conductive

  16. Pro-Universal Multi-Purpose Coil Cleaner - Powder (makes 8 litres)  | Diversitech
  17. RTU ECD Air Conditioning Evaporator Cleaner

    RTU ECD Evaporator Cleaner & Disinfectant (Ready Mix - 1 Litre) | Advanced Engineering

    Product code: RTU ECD

    Suitable for cleaning air conditioning evaporators from dirt and debris
    Ready mixed: Simply spray onto the coil, leave for five minutes and rinse off
    High-strength disinfectant kills 99.9% of germs, bacteria & fungi within 60 seconds
    Tested as safe with condensate pumps

  18. Pro-Green+ Universal Coil Cleaner

    Pro-Green+ Universal Coil Cleaner (Concentrate 5 Litres) | Diversitech

    Product code: PRO-GREEN

    Universal coil cleaner from Diversitech made with enviromentally-friendly materials.

    Effective cleaning of condenser & evaporator coils without toxic or corrosive chemicals

    5 litre concentrate makes 35 litres for use with evaporator coils
    or 20 litres for use with condenser coils

  19. G2G Smell Buster Odour Elmination Spray (1 litre) | Diversitech
  20. EasyClean Universal Evaporator & Condenser Coil Cleaner - Aerosol (12 x 600ml) | Advanced Engineering

    EasyClean Universal Evaporator & Condenser Coil Cleaner - Aerosol (12 x 600ml) | Advanced Engineering

    Product code: S010128GB

    EasyClean coil cleaner is suitable for both HVAC evaporators and condensers

    Formulated to attack grease and dirt deposits, not the coil. Safe formulation used for regular maintenance

    High powered aerosol gets cleaner deep into the coil
    Box of 12 x 600ml Aerosols

  21. G2G Condenser Coil Cleaner - Foam | Diversitech

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