1. Tek-Mate Leak Detector | Javac

    Tek-Mate Leak Detector | Javac

    Product code: 705-202-G21

    One of the best value leak detectors, the Tek-Mate from Javac is ideal for most standard refrigeration applications.

    It uses a heated diode sensor, which means it needs to warm up before it's ready to detect. But as this typically takes just 60 seconds, it's worth the wait.

    Detection starts at a high sensitivity to find the general source of the leak. A button on top of the detector makes it easy to switch to low sensitivity and narrow down the exact leak location.

    Battery life: 16 hours; Warranty: 2 years

  2. Javac Gas-Mate A2L Leak Detector

    Gas-Mate (A2L/Hydrocarbon) Refrigerant Leak Detector | Javac

    Product code: 718-202-G21

    Versatile leak detector designed to detect standard and hydrocarbon or A2L refrigerants

    This detector uses a surface reaction sensor which is fast to warm up - and is suitable for R32, R290 and R600 to a sensitivity of 5ppm.

    It uses auto-zeroing to ignore background gas levels in the leak area - and the level of sensitivity can be easily adjusted. No calibration is required after the sensor is changed.

    Battery life is 16 hours; Warranty: 3 years

  3. D-Tek 3 Leak Detector | Javac

    D-Tek 3 Leak Detector | Javac

    Product code: JAV-1283

    A fast and accurate refigerant leak detector with an infrared sensor, the D-Tek 3 can detect HCFC, HFC, HFO, blends (including A2Ls), ammonia & SF6 refrigerants.

    Ultra high sensitivity to all standard refrigerant gases, 1gm/yr.

    It is compatible with optional CO2 sensor.

    The D-Tek 3 has the longest sensor life in the industry

    Battery life: 10 hours; Warranty: 2 years

  4. Javac D-TEK CO2 Leak Detector

    D-Tek CO2 Leak Detector | Javac

    Product code: 716-202-G5

    CO2 Leak Detector

    A specialist version of the D-Tek leak detector for use with CO2 (R744)

    An infra-red sensor equalises to the CO2 present in the air to reduce the risk of false alarms

    Also won't react to smoke, humidity, airflow or temperature changes.

    Battery life: 6.5 hours; Warranty: 2 years

  5. Superseal Advanced up to 1.5 Ton
  6. Superseal Advanced 1.5 to 5 Ton (5 - 17kW)
  7. Superseal Advanced Over 5 Ton (Over 17kW)

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