HC-3 - Hydrocarbon Recovery Unit

The HC-3 refrigerant recovery / recycling unit is a simple to use, portable unit, suitable for use in all refrigerant transfer applications in the workshop or on site.

Designed specifically for use with hydrocarbon refrigerants

  • Liquid and vapour recovery with automatic changeover
  • Self-discharging and Hot Gas / Cool Gas discharge switch
  • Suitable for A3 and A2L hydrocarbon refrigerants used on domestic, commercial and automotive refrigeration and air conditioning equipment
  • High efficiency heat exchanger and inlet oil separator with drain facility
  • Sealed automatic safety high and low-pressure switches with illuminated indicators
  • Manual low-pressure override switch
  • ATEX rated cooling fans
  • High electrical specification
  • Robust painted steel casework
  • 5m hard wired mains lead with moulded plug
  • Available in 230v 50Hz and 110v 50Hz versions


Developed from the established Caresaver unit, the HC-3 is an advanced service tool, specifically designed for recovering and handling hydrocarbon refrigerants. Re-developed with the service engineer in mind, the unit is smaller and lighter, whilst retaining robustness and reliability.

The HC-3 is semi-automatic and is suitable for operation with A3 and A2L hydrocarbon refrigerants used in domestic, commercial and automotive equipment.

The HC-3 unit can recover refrigerant in either liquid or vapour phase and changeover is automatic. During operation the on-board oil separator removes the entrained oil in recovered refrigerant, preventing contamination in the recovery cylinder.

The heat exchanger and air-cooled condenser make the units particularly suitable for applications where the refrigerant can only be recovered as vapour, for example through access valves on packaged air conditioning equipment. The low-pressure override switch enables the units to operate intermittently in a vacuum, as required on refrigerant recovery from domestic cabinets.

A self-discharge feature is incorporated in the HC-3 to avoid mixing of refrigerants.

The HC-3 is designed for the service environment and is equipped with practical features, including:

  • An inlet compound pressure gauge, to monitor the pressure in the system
  • A discharge gauge to monitor the pressure in the recovery cylinder
  • High and Low Pressure illuminated indicators
  • Manual LP over-ride switch to ensure complete evacuation of hoses

The robust steel case is ergonomically designed to protect the fascia and the central carrying handle provides storage for the 5m mains lead.

Comprehensive instructions included with the unit illustrate simple push-pull and pass through techniques and safety procedures. When working with HC refrigerant it is recommended to use the HC-Air Fan Ventilation Module. This safety device ensures that the working area is well ventilated and any vapour, from a leak or release, will be rapidly dispersed.