1. G2G Smell Buster Odour Elmination Spray (1 litre) | Diversitech
  2. EasyFresh Odour Neutraliser

    EasyFresh Odour Neutraliser - Aerosol (400ml) | Advanced Engineering

    Product code: EASYFRESH

    EasyFresh is specifically designed for use with air conditioning units. This product works on contact, eliminates odours and has a long-lasting fresh scent
  3. Ice 'N' Clean Ice Machine Cleaner

    Ice 'N' Clean Ice Machine Cleaner (Concentrate 5 Litres) | Advanced Engineering

    Product code: ICENCLEAN

    Ice ‘n’ Clean® will effectively remove limescale and slime – which are common problems in ice machines – and will clean all surfaces.
  4. Guardian Odour Neutraliser

    Guardian Odour Neutraliser - Ready Mix (500ml) | Advanced Engineering

    Product code: GUARDIAN

    Guardian® is an advanced coilcoating, designed to protect air conditioning systems vulnerable to mould and bacteria. 1. Stops microbes growing back between cleans 2. Continues protection for up to 6 months 3. Stops odours and diseases: Maintains indoor air quality
  5. HB-30 One Shot Ice Machine Descaler & Disinfectant - Concentrate (250ml - makes 10 litres)  | Advanced Engineering
  6. Smell-Buster Odour Eliminator Tabs

    Smell-Buster Odour Eliminator Tabs

    Product code: SMELL-BUSTER

    60 gram tablet GRAM TABLET IN A PACK OF 2 BOX

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