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G120P - IP20 with integrated EMC Filter , Class A ( C2) 400V


  • Dimensions: 102 x 292 x 223
  • Power Output Kw: 7.5 
  • IP Rating: IP20

* G120P-IP20 When using a screening kit for the power module the total height increases as follows : FSA + 80mm, FSB +78mm, FSC +77mm, FSD, FSF+123mm IP20 : The depth increases when using a BOP-2 by +10mm and with a IOP +20mm

G120P variable speed drive – boost efficiency, cut costs! Intelligent, versatile controlling for fans and pumps in HVAC plants. Easy to use – and easy on the environment.


  • Broad portfolio with state of-the-art technology 
  • Energy savings of up to 60% when operating fans and pumps 
  • Cost savings thanks to easy installation and commissioning 
  • Flexible and service-friendly with modular design 
  • Investment protection due to high reliability and long service life 
  • Comprehensive software and support from Siemens

The new G120P variable speed drive from Siemens is ideal for efficiently controlling air and liquid media in typical commercial and residential HVAC systems. In fact, the G120P provides a number of strategies for controlling fans and pumps that can achieve up to 60% energy savings compared to conventional control methods.

Drawing on decades of Siemens drive expertise and indepth HVAC field experience, the G120P is highly reliable and offers many intelligent features and functions tailored to suit HVAC applications. The drive’s modular concept makes it exceptionally flexible and servicefriendly. And you benefit from easy use, durability and efficiency over the entire life cycle – from installation and commissioning to operation and maintenance.

Variable Speed Drives for Pumps and Fans

  • Standard EN61800-3 , Operating temperature 0-60c , 
  • Overload capacity - FSA-FSC 110% for 57 Sec and 150% for 3 sec. every 300 sec, FSD-FSF 110% For 60 sec, every 300 sec. 
  • Operating Voltage 400v , Frequency 47-63 Hz, Output frequency 0-650Hz, PWM frequency 4 KHz-16 KHz ( 2 KHz steps) 
  • 6 x Digital inputs , potential - free input signal programmable, Analog inputs x 4 switchable programmable scaling , DC-10V, DC 0-10V, DC 2-20mA, Pt1000, LG-Ni1000 
  • Analog outputs x 2, Analog signal DC 0-10V, DC 0-20mA, DC 4-20mA, Relay outputs x 3, Potential - free switchover contacts programmable 
  • Relay output switching voltage, AC 250V, DC 30V, Relay outout switching current, AC 2A, DC 5A 
  • Communication , Modbus/ RTU, RS485/ USS, BACnetMS/TP 
  • Product Conformity CE , C-TIC Full range available from 0.37Kw to 90Kw - Please contact sales office for specification and pricing

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