Kulthorn Fans and Motors

Kulthorn fans and motors are recognised and trusted by display case manufacturers and supermarkets around the world.

An EC (or electronically commutated) fan motor offers a highly efficient alternative to standard shaded pole motors. Kulthorn fans also feature an enhanced blade design for improved air flow and reduced noise.

These fan motors are highly configurable to match the specific requirements of each individual application. Variable speed minimises wasted energy by exactly matching power to demand. They can be programmed for reversible CW or CCW operation as well as timed-reverse, constant volume and soft-start options.

Suitable as a drop-in retrofit service part, equalling the efficiency, noise levels & lifetime performance of market-leading competitors.

Available with Bluetooth connectivity for instant feedback during R&D testing in OEM environments. A wide choice of wiring options provides design flexibility – with serial data comms built directly into each motor for independent two-way control of up to 10 fans.

IP65 rated. Also available with ATEX-approval for use with hydrocarbon refrigerants.