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LAE Split Type Flexicold Defrost Controller, Requires RU33, 230V Supply, PTC/NTC Input, 1 x 18A, 1 x 16A, 1 x 8A, 1 x 7A Relay Outputs

Product Code: AD2-28B1T5E-AG [P]


-40/+70 NTC, -50/+120 PTC, 230V 50/60HZ

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-40/+70 ntc, -50/+120 ptc, 230v 50/60hz 5 relays 18(8)a,16(4),8(3),7(2),+v/f aux screw term, door input, buzzer,flexicold 2 probe(ptc-st1k/ntc-sn4k),use ru33 disp


Upright Refrigerators, Supermarket Display Cases Cold Stores & Control Panels Mulit Purpose Defrost Controller for High and Low Temperatures

General Features

  • Selectable NTC/PTC Input
  • FLEXICOLD Function for Energy Saving/Alternative Setpoint
  • Optional Control of Second Compressor/Evaporator
  • Excellent Evaporator Fan Control


  • Temperature Range -40/+70C (NTC) -50/+120C (PTC)
  • 230V Power Supply
  • 5 Relay Outputs • Aux 7A(2A) • Aux Volt Free • Compressor 18A(8A0 • Defrost 16A(4A) • Fan 8A(3A)
  • 2 Probe Input (Probes Supplied Separately)
  • Display Size: 169 x 38 x 25mm
  • Cutout Size: 163 x 31.5mm

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