CO2 Condensing Units for Commercial Refrigeration (R744)

Panasonic’s range of CO2 condensing units has been in development for more than 10 years – and over 10,000 units have been installed worldwide. Each unit features a highly efficient two-stage rotary compressor (covered by a five-year warranty) and its compact size makes it ideal for small supermarkets, convenience stores and petrol stations.

There are three models available. All models are suitable for medium temperatures (4, 15 and 16 kW) while two models can be used for low temperature applications (2 and 8 kW). This makes them ideal for cold room applications up to 200m3 as well as systems which combine multiple retail display cases. A heat recovery function can also be applied to provide heating.

These CO2 condensing units are designed for fast and easy commissioning with pipe runs between 25 and 100 metres. They also feature four pre-programmed application settings and can be integrated with market leading controllers.

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