Indoor Air-Cooled Condensing Units for Commercial Refrigeration

Unhoused Condensing Units For Service Replacement

We offer a full range of Embraco LBP and HBP unhoused or bare air-cooled condensing units suitable for service replacements - with free UK delivery. Cooling duty spans 362w up to 4.1kW.

Unhoused Condensing Units For Manufacturing

We supply condensing units in volume to commercial refrigeration equipment manufacturers for integration into bottle coolers, chillers, cold rooms, foodservice and freezers.

By providing a production-ready condensing unit with your choice of line components already integrated, a fully-dressed unit can cut your assembly time and simplify procurement.

We can also design and build bespoke condensing units, available in small quantities.

For more details on how we can support OEMs with their condensing units, contact our OEM technical team on 01483 869 070 or view our short overview.