Bioma Condensing Units from Embraco

Bioma is an innovative new condensing unit for walk-in cold rooms and freezers from Embraco.

Its distinctive sound baffle helps reduce noise down to 28 dB(A), providing 4-way air flow and hiding the fan from view. Other noise-reduction techniques include a low-speed fan, fan speed controller, acoustic foam and a robust metal body to absorb vibration.

Three separate access doors provide easy access to all components, especially the fan and condenser. Each door is opened using a key instead of screws, saving time. A mini-channel condenser reduces refrigerant charge by 40%, with a coil density and air velocity optimised to prevent dirt collecting on the coil.

The full Bioma range includes 38 LBP & MBP models (with either a reciprocating or scroll compressor) to cover all cold room and freezer applications up to 10 kW. The compact units come in a choice of three housing sizes which can be stacked on top of each other using a simple bracket.

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