Air-Cooled Condensers & Assemblies for Commercial Refrigeration

Air-cooled condensers are integrated into a wide range of commercial and industrial products - but every one of these applications requires a combination of efficient cooling and long-term reliability.

We can offer multiple design options to meet the specific requirements of your particular OEM production needs.

For example, if size is an issue, our smallest condenser measures just 184mm by 185mm. For enhanced energy performance, we can recommend a suitable EC-fan motor to reduce energy-consumption by 66%. Or for applications requiring A2L refrigerants, we can provide ATEX-approved fanpacks.

We offer a wide choice of 16 condenser models from LU-VE to suit the precise requirements of each product design - with a cooling capacity that ranges between 470w and 5.5kW - and measuring between 185 and 675mm wide.

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We can also supply evaporator coils in three standard styles - with any other size available on request