Cellar Cooling Systems - Marstair

Marstair offer two ranges of quality cellar cooling systems with a well-deserved reputation for reliability. These are designed for beer cellars between 20 and 99 cubic metres.

The R410A CXEA range is the most popular choice for cellar cooling applications, suitable for pipe runs up to 15 metres. With its increased duty, the R407C CXA range is best suited for cellars with longer pipe runs (up to 80 metres) or ambient temperatures up to 35°C.

The indoor unit features a robust and distinctive grey marble-effect casing, which is treated with an antibacterial agent to protect against mould and weighs no more than 23 kilos. All units include an electronic control and de-ice stat – and are available with a three-year warranty.

If you have any questions about Marstair cellar cooling, call our expert team on 01483 869 070 or email sales@hawco.co.uk.