Can You Beat the Odds And Predict the Outcome of the World Cup?

Calling all football pundits! If you’re looking forward to the Fifa World Cup as much as we are, then have some fun with our World Cup challenge.

We’re inviting all Hawco customers to make their own predictions – with over 20 fun prizes  for those who can most accurately predict each stage of the competition.

The overall winner of the competition will be the person or company that accumulates the most points throughout the tournament - winning an experience day worth £150 plus a giant inflatable football.

The deadline for entries is 16:00 (UK Time) on 14 June 2018, when the first match kicks off between Russia and Saudi Arabia. So don't wait.


How to Take Part



You can enter your company as a team - or take part as an individual. If everyone in your company wants to take part, that's fine with us! Just one entry per person please.

To enter your predictions, fill in the special Excel spreadsheet and return it to us before 14 June.

Download the file

Download the special Excel spreadsheet called WorldCup2018Picks.xlsm (thanks to the guys at We Global Football who produced it).

It contains some macros so you might need to check with you IT department if you have any problems.

Make your predictions

First, rank the teams in each of the groups from 1 to 4.

Then, make your predictions for which teams will win each knockout match.
Remember, you will need to make a prediction for every match.

Lastly, fill in your individual/company name and an email address - and click Finalize.

If you get stuck, there is an instructions button. Any information you provide will be used for to enter you for this competition only; we will not use it for any future marketing activity.

Return your entry to us

When you click Finalize, a new version of the file will be created called ‘WorldCup2018.xlsx'. Email this back to us at to enter.


World Cup Excel Spreadsheet


 What You Might Win



There are prizes for those who are top of the standings at each of these stages of the competition.

The final team positions at the group stage
The 16 teams who make it to the knockout stage
The 8 teams who make it to the quarter-finals
The 4 teams who make it to the semi-finals
The winner of the final.

We will be sending our special email updates to everyone taking part showing the current standings. Here are some of the prizes you could win.

Personalised England Football Shirt (Men's or Women's)
Experience Day
Personalised Colour Changing Mug
Subbuteo Lamp
Giant Inflatable Football

football prizes


Get Involved



So what are you waiting for? Get you and your colleagues involved – and enjoy watching the tournament.

If you have a question, give our sales team a call on 01483 869 070.


The Hawco team wish you good luck!