Javac Tube Straightening Tool (Choice of 4 Sizes)

Easily and accurately straighten all types of light wall coiled tubing (such as copper, aluminium and stainless steel) for a professional finish

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SKU Product Name Price Qty
JAV-TST14 Javac Tube Straightening Tool 1/4"
JAV-TST38 Javac Tube Straightening Tool 3/8"
JAV-TST12 Javac Tube Straightening Tool 1/2"
JAV-TST58 Javac Tube Straightening Tool 5/8"

Get a professional looking finish each and every time with the world’s first efficient hand held straightening tool - which easily and accurately straightens tubing, piping from coils and cables.

This revolutionary and affordable Javac pipe straightening tool will straighten all types of light wall coiled tubing such as copper, aluminium, stainless steel, brass plus various others.

The Javac tube straightening tool has been designed for the Air Conditioning, Refrigeration, plumbing, Heating and Ventilation industry - and is used by engineers wanting that professional finish and striving for perfection.

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  • Simplifies installation and reduces labour

  • Less material usage and waste

  • Minimal liquid build up

  • Accelerated flow for better efficiencies and reduced running costs


  • Imperial sizes 1/4, 3/8, 1/2 & 5/8”.

  • Compatible with all types of light wall coiled tubing including: Copper, Brass, Aluminium, Stainless Steel, Semi-Flexible Coaxial cable etc

  • Comes with a 12 months guarantee

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