Silicone Spiral Heater


The spiral heaters are designed to suit a range of flexible or rigid small diameter pipes. These heaters are suitable for use in many applications including; fluid or gas delivery, semi-conductor processes, frost protection, anti-condensation and heat loss maintenance. The uses for spiral heaters are ever increasing for pipe heating applications requiring surface heating up to 200°C.


  • Suitable for Straight or Curved Pipe Sections
  • Robust Spiral Heating Element
  • Easy to Install
  • UL & VDE Approval Available
  • IP64 Protection
  • Incorporated Temperature Sensors Available
  • Stand Alone Heaters or Parallel Options Available
  • Standard Sizes of 1/4” (6.35mm)
  • Full Design & Manufacturing Service


Constructed using a spiral heater element encased between two layers of silicone rubber, spiral heaters are well suited to fit curved or straight pipework. The standard range is suitable to suit ¼” (6.35mm) outer diameter and can be supplied in six different lengths. With a maximum operating temperature of 200°C and the option to add a variety of temperature sensors, spiral heaters provide an ideal solution to heating pipes in many applications.


Spiral heaters have good resistance to the following; weather & ageing, fungus & bacteria, acetone, alcohol, formic acid, brake fluid, acetic acid, greases, hydrochloric acid 10%, sulphuric Acid 10%, waxes and plasticisers. In addition to this the heaters have adequate gas permeability and good steam resistance up 130°C and 2.5 Bar respectively.

Health & Safety

Spiral heaters are intended for use in industrial electric apparatus. They correspond to the BS EN 60335-1:2012. The heater has to be operated in accordance with these standard and regulations and should be installed on an electrical system protected by a residual current circuit breaker.

Please note lead time on these heaters are 3-4 weeks, from placement of order - for more information give us a call +44 (0)1483 869070 or email with your requirements.

Nominal Length
(80% Surface Coverage)
Extended Length
(Approx. 60% surface cover-age)
Voltage Watts Power Density W/cm2 Price
205mm 250mm 120 11 0.26 £81.63
375mm 440mm 240 19.5 0.27 £99.09
475mm 550mm 240 25 0.27 £108.36
612.5mm 720mm 240 33 0.28 £115.81
780mm 900mm 240 45 0.3 £133.63
1020mm 1150mm 240 52 0.28 £149.81