Silicone Rubber Heater Mats : Standard Sizes or Bespoke Designs

Silicone rubber is well suited to the production of heated mats which are produced by laminating fine resistance wires or an etched foil circuit between two sheets of silicone rubber. This is reinforced with a glass textile to give improved mechanical strength.

The close and even spacing of the wires on the etched foil ensures a uniform and accurate distribution of heat across virtually any shape or size. Maximum continuous operating temperature is 180°C - which allows a generous safety margin for short-term overtemperature excursions as high as 230°C. Practical maximum size is generally limited to 920mm wide or 2000mm long.

Standard Sizes: Our standard range of silicone heater mats are suitable for a variety of applications but are typically used under Ceran glass as heating elements for food service.

Custom Heater Design: We also offer a full prototype to production service. This enables you to design and build a solution bespoke to your application requirements.Upon request, mats can be made into a limitless range of sizes and shapes with cut-outs and fabricated holes to accommodate existing components or obstructions. Mats can also be fitted with thermocouples and thermal limiters as required. UL and high temperature designs available.

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