From simple, high-volume reed switches to specialist technologies designed for more challenging environments, Gems Sensors & Controls offer an extensive choice of float-type level switches.

The company has a strong reputation for collaborating with in-house engineering teams, bringing a detailed understanding of the design and operational factors involved with each application.

Often, the choice of sensor is dictated by the media to be measured, such as its specific gravity, viscosity or corrosiveness. Sometimes, design constraints relate to the best way to integrate the sensor, including its position, mounting and size within a restricted space.

Gems offer hundreds of single- and multi-point models, including specialist options for food use, ultra-pure liquids or hazardous chemicals. Components can also be custom designed or modified using 3-D modelling or integrated into subassemblies.

To discuss a project requiring liquid level measurement, or to request a test sample of a float switch for your product design, call +44 (0) 1483 869 700 or email

Single Point: Side Mounted (Horizontal)

Part Material Mounting Compatible Media
LS7-165570 Nylon Internal Oil, Fuel, Hydrocarbons
LS7-164520 Polypropylene Internal Chemicals, Water
LS7-131100 Polypropylene External Chemicals, Water
LS7-140620 Nylon External Oil, Fuel, Hydrocarbons
LS7-177100 Versaplast External Oil, Antifreeze, High Temp Corrosive Fluids, Chemicals
LS7-160450 Polypropylene External Chemicals, Water
LS7-160460 Nylon External Oil, Fuel, Hydrocarbons
LS7-165800 Polypropylene External Chemicals, Water
LS7-191080 Noryl Internal Portable Water, Limited Chemicals
'Drop Down' Type 12
LS7-191080 Noryl Internal Portable Water, Limited Chemicals

Single Point: Top or Bottom Mounted (Vertical)

Part Material Mounting Type Compatible Media
LS3-42295 Polysulfone 1/8" NPT Water Based
LS3-142505 Polypropylene 1/8" NPT Chemicals
LS3-171517 Polypropylene 3/8"-16 Chemicals
LS3-116826 Polypropylene(Solid) 1/8" NPT Chemicals
LS3-171514 Polypropylene(Solid) 3/8"-16 Chemicals
LS3-162745 Nylon/Buna 1/8" NPT Oils, Fuels
LS3-173250 PVDF 1/8" NPT Ultra-Pure

Single Point: Electro-Optic

Part Input Power Probe Condition at Current Sink Mounting Type
ELS-1100-142700 10-28 VDC Wet 1/4" NPT
ELS-1100-143585 10-28 VDC Wet 1/4" NPT & 3/8" Conduit
ELS-1100-169555 10-28 VDC Wet M12X1-8G
ELS-1100-143570 10-28 VDC Dry 1/4" NPT
ELS-1100-143590 10-28 VDC Dry 1/4" NPT & 3/8" Conduit
ELS-1100-148973 10-28 VDC Dry 'Fish' Pull Ring