Gems produce gauge, differential and absolute pressure switches, designed for the control of hydraulics, liquids, air and gases in a diverse range of OEM industrial processes.

Their low-pressure products are ideal for refrigeration, automotive, food and beverage, medical and production processes while high-pressure sensors are typically used in oil and gas and chemical industries.

With a versatile choice of designs and sizes, there are multiple options to suit even the most specific design requirements between 40 mbar to 400 bar (2 to 6000 psi), including options for ATEX and IP65 or IP66 applications.

Enclosures and wetted parts can be supplied in a variety of different materials. Gems offer a unique piston/diaphragm design which provides high proof sensor pressure, sensitivity and accuracy.

For advice on finding the right pressure switch for your product design, contact our technical sales team on +44 (0) 1483 869 070 or email with your design specification

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