Tutco | Sureheat - Industrial Air Heaters

Air process heaters provide a powerful heat source used in a wide variety of OEM industrial applications, like plastic moulding, drying and sealing. By passing air over a highly efficient electric heating element, this heater type achieves high temperatures in a highly controllable way.

Tutco offer over 200 heating options to meet any application from 0.6 kW to 36 kW. These range from inexpensive electric air heaters for compact spot-heating (Series I, II & III and hot air tools) to closed-loop units which feature replaceable heater elements inside a special stainless-steel ‘triple-pass’ exchanger housing (Serpentine II and VI).

Further specialist options (including the SureHeat range) are suitable for high temperature (up to 900°C) and high pressure (up to 150psi) applications. Compressed air systems can also be supplied.

To discuss your specific requirements, call our technical team on +44 (0)1483 869 070 who will be able to advise on the required flow rate, blower size, control system, thermocouple type and over-temperature protection.

Alternatively email us at sales@hawco.co.uk with details of your intended application.

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