Strip & Finned Heaters

Standard & Bespoke Stainless Steel Finned Strip Heaters

The Backer Hotwatt range of stainless steel finned strip heaters consist of a seamless stainless steel sheath with a ceramic insulated element. The element wire is situated in close proximity to the outside surface to ensure maximum heat transfer and minimum internal temperature.

Aluminum fins offer maximum radiating surface, providing rapid heat transfer to the surrounding medium. This makes them ideal for air heating and air ovens.

Stainless steel fins are available for corrosive environments. Optional end closures and different terminal types available on request

For stock availability or to discuss a bespoke design project, contact our OEM design team on +44 (0)1483 869 070 or email

Standard Selection of 120V & 240V Stainless Steel Finned Strip Heaters (Available to Order)

Our standard range of 26 finned heaters are generally available within 10 working days.
They are available in a choice of 7 lengths from 8" long up to a maximum of 36".

Series Reference Voltage Length Wattage Range
Density Range
(watts per inch)
FS 120V or 240V 8"...35 3/4" 75...2500 4...48 View All Options

If you cannot find the exact combination of length, wattage or watt density from this standard stock list, refer to all finned heaters that can be supplied by our manufacturer on request as a bespoke order - all finned heaters produced

Selection of Finned Heaters Available Next Day

While the vast majority of our finned heaters are ordered to meet the specific requirements of our manufacturing customers, on occasions we hold a limited stock of finned heaters available for next-day UK delivery.