Air process heaters provide a powerful heat source used in a wide variety of OEM industrial applications, like plastic moulding, drying and sealing. By passing air over a highly efficient electric heating element, this heater type achieves high temperatures in a highly controllable way.

Tutco offer over 200 heating options to meet any application from 0.6 kW to 36 kW. These range from inexpensive electric air heaters for compact spot-heating (Series I, II & III and hot air tools) to closed-loop units which feature replaceable heater elements inside a special stainless-steel ‘triple-pass’ exchanger housing (Serpentine II and VI).

Further specialist options (including the SureHeat range) are suitable for high temperature (up to 900°C) and high pressure (up to 150psi) applications. Compressed air systems can also be supplied.
To discuss your specific requirements, call our technical team on +44 (0)1483 869 070 who will be able to advise on the required flow rate, blower size, control system, thermocouple type and over-temperature protection.

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  1. Tutco Serpentine IV Air Process Heater 6000 Watts 230 Volts
  2. Tutco Serpentine II Housing Assembly
  3. Tutco Serpentine II Air Process Heater 2000 Watts 230 Volts
  4. Tutco Serpentine II Air Process Heater 2800 Watts 230 Volts
  5. Tutco Serpentine II Air Process Heater 3600 Watts 230 Volts
  6. Tutco Skorpion High Flow Nozzle
  7. Tutco Skorpion Heater With PID Control

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