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LAE Panel Mount Digital Two Stage Thermostat, 115-230V Supply, J/K TC Input, 1 x 12A, 1 x 7A Relay Outputs

Product Code: AC1-5JS2RW-A [P]


RANGE -50/+750 DEG C (OR F) 1 DEG C

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Range -50/+750 deg c (or f) 1 deg c j/k type thermocouple input, selectable o/p 1 relay 12(4)a hys or pid+self tune o/p 2 relay 7(2)a, 115-230 vac, ttl port

Two-Stage Output ON/OFF or PID Universal Controller

  • Temperature: Control of tables, heating systems, heated cupboards, bain-marie, ovens, laboratory equipment
  • Humidity: Control of greenhouses, seasoning cells, cold rooms, air-conditioned rooms

Options Within Range 

  • Power Supply: 115. .230Vac 50/60Hz; 2W
  • Input Type: TC J or K, PT100, PTC/10K NTC or 0-1V
  • Outputs: Out 1: SSR Driver + Out 2: 7(2)A Relay or Out 1: 12(4)A + Out 2: 7(2)A Relays
  • Range: -50 to 750°C (TC J), -50 to 999°C (TC K), -100 to 850°C (PT100), -50 to 150°C (PTC), -40 to 125°C (NTC), 0-100% (RH)
  • Resolution: 0.1/1°C; 1°F (PTC/NTC/PT100), 1°C/°F (TC J/K), 0.1/1 (0-1 V)
  • Accuracy: ±0.3°C (PTC/NTC), ±0.3°C (-50 to 150°C), ±1°C (remaining range)(PT100), ±3°C (TC J/K), ±3mV
  • Panel cutout: 71x29mm
  • Dimensions: 77x35x77mm
  • Features: TTL

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