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Little Giant EC-1 Mini Condensate Pump

Product Code: EC-1


EC-1 Mini Condensate Pump

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The New mini condensate EC-1 Pump from Little Giant offers an improvement to the popular method of installing a two piece condensate removal pump. A new design and technology assists to reduce the noise generated and aids with the installation process.

The pump has an ultra-quiet operation rating of 21 dB(A) it can be installed within the indoor unit, inside trunking or up to 1Mtr above the indoor unit in the ceiling void and is ideal for wall mounted units up to 10Kw.

• Quiet operation 21 dB(A)
• Vibration isolators used to improve noise rating
• 1.5 Mtr Power cable
• 1 Mtr cable between the ( Pump & Reservoir )


Max Flow - 10 LPH, Max Discharge Lift - 10M, Suction Lift - 1M, Tank Capacity - 0.025 LTRS, Outlet - 1/4", High Level Alarm - 230V / 8A NC, dB(A) - 21

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