Detect-F Dual Gas Leak Detector

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The Detect-F is the first handheld gas leak detector to offer detection of both CO2 and Refrigerant gases.

One Instrument Two Gases

Using unique patented sample technology the Detect-F provides the convenience to perform leak detection with a single Instrument selectable for both gas types.

Pinpoint Accuracy

The Detect-F uses semi - conductor and electromechanical sensors to ensure high responsiveness of both refrigerant gases and CO2. The choice of sensors present the advantage of being small, low cost and fast responding. Equipped with progressive audible alarm and flashing LED indication, the Detect-F quickly finds the source of the leak.

Ergonomic Design for Ease of Use

The Easy grip handle allows the user to comfortably carry out Gas leak detection. A high impact rugged design and flexible metal hose increases accessibility for those hard to reach places.


  • Power Supply: 6V NiMH rechargeable battery pack. Battery life 8 Hours continuous operations between charging
  • Dimensions: 32cm Flex and set metal tube

Key benefits

  • Simple two button operation
  • Patented product technology - One probe detects both CO2 and HFCs n Flexible probe for easy access in hard to reach places
  • Progressive LED alarm provides immediate notification when a gas is present
  • Sensitivity: Less than 5g/year

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