PTC 100 Temperature Sensors

Most PT100 (and PT1000) RTD sensors we supply are custom made for our manufacturing customers to meet a specific existing design or new specification.

Resistance temperature detector (RTD) probes are suitable for a broad temperature range between -50°C to 600°C. They are also robust and resistant to vibration and offer increased stability, precision and repeatability.

Custom Temperature Sensors

We provide design-in advice to ensure compatibility with your chosen digtal controller or heater type. Numerous customisations can be made to achieve optimum sensor performance and positioning

Customisable options include different connectors, lead and sheath length, terminations, fabricated sheath, mineral insulated and surface measurement options. We can also advise on hygienic materials for food and medical applications as well as flat film or wire wound options.

Temperature sensors are produced in compliance with international standards like IEC584 & IEC751

Standard items can be supplied within 7-10 working days. Custom-designed and special items are typically delivered within 15 working days.

For stock availability or to discuss a bespoke design project, contact our OEM design team on +44 (0)1483 669 070 or email

For more details, refer to our Temperature Sensors Overview

Limited Selection Available for Next-Day Delivery

A few of our most popular PT100 platinium resistance thermometers, sealed RTD sensors, leads, flat film leads and patch sensors are also available for next-day delivery in a selection of standard lengths and terminations