UK Supplier of Temperature Sensors and Probes

We supply a wide range of temperature probes spanning:

Thermisitor Probes | NTC & PTC
Recommended Temperature Range: -50°C to 150°C

Resistance Temperature Detector (RTD) Probes | PT100 & PT1000
Recommended Temperature Range: -50°C to 600°C

Recommended Temperature Range: -70°C to 1600°C

All of these temperature sensors can be purpose-built or customised in multiple ways to suit your application.

For more details, download our Temperature Sensors Overview

For stock availability or to discuss a bespoke design project,
contact our OEM design team on +44 (0)1483 869 070 or email

Customised Temperature Sensors - Available Within 2-3 Weeks

We can produce any PTC or NTC thermistor probe, RTD or thermocouple to your exact specification to meet the unique criteria of your application. We can either replicate a probe from an existing technical drawing or work with you to define the requirements for a new probe. Delivery of customised probes is normally 2-3 weeks after order is placed.

Typical customisations include alterations to the sheath lengthe, lead length or thermocouple diameter. We can also provide different shaped-probes, semi-flexible options and ATEX or high temperature versions. These are also available with housing and assemblies plus multiple options for surface mounting

Standard Stock Available on Request - Delievered Within 5-10 Working Days

We have access to a full range of production-ready parts. We can source a wide variety of standard probes on your behalf - and supply these to you within 5 to 10 days. These are ideal for single probes or small quantities.

We only supply temperature sensors made to the highest quality production standards and which comply with international standards like IEC584 & IEC751

Limited Selection Available for Next-Day Delivery

Some of our most popular refrigeration and heating probes are available to buy from our existing warehouse stock in a selection of lengths and terminations.

Please contact us for details of stainless steel & mineral insulated sensors types suitable for more aggressive environments

We normally supply a 1k, 2k & 10k TPE thermistor probe as standard with LAE, Carel and Eliwell digital thermostats.

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