Micromachined silicon (MMS) pressure transducers from Gems are designed for low-pressure fluid applications – and are trusted by OEMs worldwide including Siemens, BMW, Draeger and Manitou.

Each transducer uses a mechanical silicon diaphragm to detect pressure changes and is protected by an oil-filled isolation diaphragm. Together, these diaphragms react in tandem to process fluid pressure, making MMS sensors a good choice for accurate, highly sensitive, reliable and stable pressure sensing within a surprisingly compact size.M

Manufactured with all-316 stainless steel wetted parts to prevent corrosion, some products are available with an IP66 rating. A wide choice of electrical outputs, electrical connections and pressure connections means these sensors are ideal for most applications without modification in operating temperatures up to 125°C.

Also known as MEMS (microelectricalmechanical) systems using sputtered thin film technology.

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