Fluid Level Switches & Flow Sensors from Gems

We supply highly specific components to meet the design specification of a diverse range of manufacturers. By working in collaboration with our partners at Gems Sensors & Controls, we ensure a thorough understanding of the technical criteria of each project to ensure the right solution is chosen from the hundreds available.

These include single- and multi-point fluid level switches ranging from simple reed switches to electo-optic, capacitive and ultra-sonic options. Specialist versions are supplied for compact spaces, food use, ultra pure liquids or hazardous chemicals.

A versatile range of flow solutions spans electronic flow sensors, piston-type flow switches and shuttle-type flow switches, providing a solution for the control of liquids and gases from as low as 50 cc/min up to 100 GPM.

Miniature and subminiature 2-way and 3-way solenoid valves are available for the accurate control of air, dry gas and liquids of all kinds, including liquid CO2 and nitrogen or aggressive liquids and gases.

Standard products can be adapted as required, with alternative connectors, ports and housings - while modified products, integral assemblies and bespoke systems can be rapidly developed.

For more information, contact our design team on 01483 869100 or email sales@hawco.co.uk

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