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CAREL Easy Cool Pre-Programmed Controller for Static Refrigeration Applications. C/W 1 x NTC Probe

Product Code: EASY COOL



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Temperature static refrigeration -50/+90, 230v 50/60hz, c/w 1 ntc probe 1 relay, 12(5)a, screw terminals (12a) pre-programmed, does not come with clips

Refrigeration Controllers

Controllers for refrigerators or freezer applications. Conveniently supplied pre-programmed to suit most static refrigeration units (EASY COOL)


The ideal solution for static plug-in refrigeration units at normal temperature (above 0 °C)


  • Controller factory programmed and ready to be used
  • NTC room probe included
  • Limited number of parameters
  • Just 31mm thick
  • 16A Compressor relay (12(2)A EN60730-1 250VAC)

Pre-Programme Set-Up Overview

  • EASY COOL: Set-point; 3°C, Differential; 2°C, Defrost; Off Cycle, 20mins every 6 hours
  • Easy to set  thanks to the limited number of parameters
  • Easy to install thanks to the probes included in the packaging
  • Easy to choose - just one model for all low temperature applications (<0 °C)

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