UK Distributor of BlueScience UVc Sterilisation for AC Units

BlueScience uses a LED strip to emit UVc light to kill viruses, bacteria and moulds, including Coronavirus strains. This is easy to retrofit into wall mounted indoor air conditioning units, offering reassurance about the safety of premises like schools, shops and offices.

The LED strip is connected to the live electrical feed in the AC unit and placed facing the evaporator coil close to the air intake. For larger fan coil units or populated areas, an additional LED strip can be added to increase the UVc dosage rate.

Each standard kit includes one UVc LED strip with LED driver and extension cable. The 700m strip can be cut to a shorter length.

While the overall power of the UVc light is lower than that used in other applications, it does still require a basic level of product awareness and training to make sure it is handled safely. We recommended that some items of safety equipment are used (UV meter, safety googles and gloves).

The LED strip will work at optimal performance for at least 12 months