Condensate Pumps

Condensate Pumps for HVAC Applications

Industry-leading brands including Aspen Pumps, Blue Diamond and Little Giant. Free UK delivery on all orders over £50.

Choose from mini pumps, tank pumps, dairy cabinet pumps and evaporative trays and peristaltic pumps

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  1. 1000mm Anti-Vibration Strip | Pump House
  2. Blue Diamond Reservoir

    Reservoir for MegaBlue Condensate Pump | Blue Diamond

    Product code: C21-008

    Reservoir for Use with MegaBlue Condensate Pump from Blue Diamond
  3. Dairy Cabinet Condensate Pump (5.5 Litre) | Pump House

    Dairy Cabinet Condensate Pump (5.5 Litre) | Pump House

    Product code: DCP-30E

    A stainless steel condensate pump for dairy cabinets with a 5.5 litre tank capacity

    This model does not include a cover or high level alarm. 76mm high.

    700 litre per hour flow rate | 23 metre max head | 1/2" outlet


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