Condensate Pumps

Condensate Pumps for HVAC Applications

Industry-leading brands including Aspen Pumps, Blue Diamond and Little Giant. Free UK delivery on all orders over £50.

Choose from mini pumps, tank pumps, dairy cabinet pumps and evaporative trays and peristaltic pumps

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  1. Little Giant Peristaltic Condensate Pump TPR
  2. Little Giant Peristaltic Condensate Pump TPT
  3. Little Giant Peristaltic Condensate Pump TPS
  4. EC400 Mini Condensate Pump

    EC-400 Mini Condensate Pump | Little Giant

    Product code: EC-400

    Fully automatic & versatile mini pump from Little Giant

    Suitable for when gravity drainage is not possible

    Ideal for fan-coil and split air conditioning

  5. Little Giant 1L Condensate Tank Pump VCC-20S
  6. Little Giant 2l Condensate Tank Pump VCMX-20S
  7. 2 Litre Condensate Tank Pump (294 L/h max. flow) | Little Giant
  8. Mini Condensate Pump (10 L/h max flow) | Little Giant EC1
  9. Mini Split Condensate Pump in Trunking (10 L/h Max Flow) | Little Giant

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